Calling all fans: Mountain Dew and Devin Supertramp are going on a road trip!


On September 1st, we’re jumping into an RV full of Mountain Dew and all the equipment we need to pull off some seriously amazing stunts. And the best part is, YOU will be planning the locations and the stunts themselves right along with us!


Think we should pull off a stunt in your neck of the woods? Now’s your chance to tell us why. All of the videos we shoot on our road trip will be inspired by submissions from fans, captured with support from you and your friends, and broadcast right on my YouTube channel. The sky’s wide open—but keep in mind that whatever you suggest must be A) something you’ve done before, B) something you have access to, and C) be something you want us and Mountain Dew to shoot and share with the world!

So here's what we need from you! If you know of something crazy we can do in the US, shoot an email to "supertramproadtrip@gmail.com" with the following information:


Name/Contact info (phone number)

What the activity is (if you have pictures or video of it, that would be great)

Where in the United States the activity takes place


You must be 18 or older to submit or participate in a stunt, and all ideas are due by August 28th, 2013. Other than that, rock on…will see you soon!


Where to find me

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Contact me for business only here:


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